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Asperger's Autism

Asperger's autism is a form of autism that can be very well-masked by a person's intelligence. In this type of autism, the usual developmental symptoms of autism may be well-hidden. For this reason, many or even most children with Asperger's autism may not be diagnosed until much later in life, if ever. If you suspect Asperger's autism in yourself or in your child, you should see your doctor.

You need not feel ashamed at all if you have Asperger's autism. Many of the world's great minds are believed to have had Asperger's autism. Just think about the trouble people like Mozart and Einstein had in school, social gatherings, and communication. Yep, many experts believe such people have had Asperger's autism. So having Asperger's autism obviously doesn't mean you are stupid, useless, or retarded, even if you feel that way sometimes.

Asperger's autism will simply make it difficult for you to fit into social environments, pick up on communication cues, and understand social mores. Getting treatment for this problem can help an adult learn how to better cope with these problems. Getting treatment for a child with Asperger's autism can help lessen the chances of bullying and allow the child to better learn how to fit in socially. Once you have identified Asperger's autism you no longer have to wonder what is wrong with you. You can instead focus your efforts to overcome these problems.

Symptoms You May Have Asperger's Autism

The symptoms of Asperger's autism are the same as those in regular autism; they are just either less prevalent or well-compensated for by other mental skills. As mentioned, social difficulties, communications difficulties, and general cultural confusion are symptoms of Asperger's autism. You may find yourself saying things people find inappropriate all of the time without understanding why they find them inappropriate, or even why you said them.

Additionally, if you have this condition you may find you always want everything to remain the same, being unable to deal with changes. Dynamic environments may scare you nearly as much as social gatherings. You may find you get fixated on unimportant things to the peril of more important things. You may not even realize this, but others my often tell you to worry about something later because you have something more important to do right now. Or, you may commonly have people asking you if whatever you're talking about or trying to do can wait until later. If you or your child have any of these symptoms, see a doctor for diagnosis or reassurance.

Autism Fact #1

Because of the special way autistic minds function, normal teaching methods don't work. Understanding how the autistic mind functions, allows you to take advantage of this functionality to provide specialized teaching that will help young autistic minds learn much more rapidly than they could with standard teaching methods.

Autism Fact #2

The autistic mind tends to function in a visual manner. Specialized teaching for autism makes heavy use of pictures. Using words to describe something is nearly useless. Providing pictures of what you are describing is much more successful. Even better though is taking the child to see the actual item or place being described.

Autism Fact #3

Take advantage of the natural skills an autistic child may have, instead of focusing on weaker points. It is interesting to note that although autistic children tend to be visual and are often very good at drawing, they can also be very good with music. Take advantage of this by creatively using music and art as part of teaching other topics.

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